About Alan

My name is Alan Ladd. I’ve been helping people get their dream jobs for twenty years. We all know times are tough, but there are good jobs out there. If you work with me, you will find one. First, you need to understand that most “online tips” can hurt you more than help. You have to stop listening to all the so-called experts who are telling you all you need is a good resume and a nice business suit. Not true.

If you think posting your resume online is looking for work – it’s not. For the most part, it’s a waste of time. It’s also not true that just because you’re qualified for the job, that you will get it. It’s not about your qualifications it’s about how you come across in the interview. And if you think reading a book titled 101, interview questions & answers is the answer – it’s not. The average interview lasts about 30-minutes.

How many questions do you think you’re going to be asked??
My system is proven; it’s helped thousands of people get their careers going.
• You will know how to create a resume that works.
• You will know how to effectively send out your resume so you will get the interview.
• And most importantly, you will walk into the interview with the knowledge and confidence you must have to get the job.