In these tough economic times people need affordable help. We produced a DVD called Interview the best. When someone is taught how to interview they feel empowered, they become so much more confident, they become inspired and motivated, they feel they can accomplish something that was unreachable. Millions of people need jobs and need to be taught how to find and interview for jobs. It makes the perfect gift for a family member a friend and of course for yourself.

Last week I received “Interview the Best” in the mail, the day before my scheduled interviews, one at 10:30 AM and another at 3:00 PM. I viewed the DVD and took notes that night. On my way from the first interview, I was called in for another at 1:00 PM, all separate places. At the end of the day I had 3 administrators who wanted to hire me. Now I get to choose where I would like to work! Thanks for helping me build my confidence, I had no previous training on how to interview and had been out of the interview loop for almost 20 years. What a tremendous product and one I will share with my children as they begin their own job searches. Thanks a million!
Nell Jordan

I don’t even know how or where to begin to thank you for what you have done for my son. Last night on the phone with him, he sounded almost un-recognizable.
I am serious Alan, as he listened to every word of advice you gave him,it has changed him forever. His confidence is at an all time high right now and seems unstoppable.
If it were not for your patience and preparation, he would not be where he is.
This may be your finest work yet.
Thank you
Cameron Smith

ITB will remain an active part of every Domain of Living of “my” life! Job promotions (i.e. whether by means of under-promotion; supplanting; or achievement) also require an interview process! Asking for a Raise, Advancement, Tenure, Bank Loan; Second mortgage, etc., etc., also require interviewing skills – ITB will always be there with me – I remain EXCITED!!! Thank you! And, Alan Ladd was custom-made for ITB – He is “the” franchise!” Thank you for your time and thoughts on this product.
Dr. Charles L. Vaughn

‘Interview the Best is like a secret weapon which allows you to walk into An interview and sell yourself, it is something no one else has. You will Go into the interview with the feeling that no one can beat you! I never sat Through an interview where I got a question that I couldn’t answer and That was the difference between getting the job and not.”
Dan Gense

“What Alan gives you is confidence, and it’s not just false confidence. It’s true confidence. You’re prepared, you’re ready, you have the right answers, and you’ve done your homework better than anyone else. These skills only come from working with Alan and ITB.”
Rick Molina

“I feel I have the magic key that unlocks all of these things that bring out the best in me. Interview the BEST IS AMAZING. It has definitely exceeded all my expectations. I thought I was pretty good at interviewing, but now I know there is so Much I didn’t know. ITB is awesome!”
Jamie Burke